Peacock Pearl    (maybe Rainbow? )

Super Ludwig

As Found

Snare case has Louis Martin on it
He played mostly reeds during the 20's to 40's with Muggys
Spanier and Ted Lewis and others including Benny Goodman
These are a couple links with info on him
I am not certain this is the same guy, but the timing is right,,547675,00.html

Doesn't look like these have been played since the 40's

Condition -
Tape on Bass Muffler
Not original snare wires
Few inches of wrap on outer ring missing under Bass (look at
Loose wrap on outer ring in one place (look at pics)  
Seams tight
Shell not painted inside
I believe original heads on bass
Hi-hat 2 different cymbals one marked Ludwig
Large cymbal cracked on edge
14 x 28  Bass
5 x 14  Snare
I use this website for my antique business. I
deal primarily in American furniture from the
1800's. Please take a look at the rest of my
site. The little bit I have learned about drums
has been thru the web, researching this set I
bought at an estate sale outside Harrisburg,
PA. I'm pretty sure I don't have all the lingo
correct, hopefully it is close. Thanks Kent Dixon

Best offer over $2,500   SOLD